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NW Ohio Girls Basketball Preview Capsules

HEAD COACH: Brian Stether (8th year, 112-68.)
LAST SEASON: 19-5, 8-1 WBL
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kylee Bader, sr., G, 11 ppg., 2 rpg., 3 apg.; Katie Stahl, sr., F., 10 ppg., 6 rpg., 2 apg.; Hillary Heiby, sr., F., 8 ppg., 4 rpg., 2 apg.; Beth Homan, sr., F, 7 ppg., 5 rpg., 1 apg.; Emily Bihn, sr., G, 4 ppg., 3 rpg., 1 apg.; Taylor Grigerich, sr., G, 6 ppg., 1 rpg., 2 apg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Megan Stetler, jr., F; Arika Mills, jr., F; Kourtney Far, jr., G; Heather Heiby, fr., G.
NOTABLES: Celina should be in good shape to have another solid year with six seniors returning. Kylee Bader (11 points per game) and Katie Stahl (10 ppg.) both return.

HEAD COACH: Jeff Heistan (8th year, 122-51).
LAST SEASON: 16-5 overall, 8-1 WBL
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Britt Lauck, sr., G, 14.4 ppg., 3.8 rpg.; Abby Waddle, soph., G, 7 ppg., 2.9 rpg.; Isabelle Baird, jr., G, 1.7 ppg.; Claire Dahlke, jr., F, 4.9 ppg., 1.7 rpg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Rhea Magee, jr., G; Rayna Magee, jr., G; Maryssa Herschler, soph., P; Jaden Marlowe, jr., F.
NOTABLES: Lima Shawnee will have some growing pains with a lack of experience on the roster, but by the time the end of the season rolls around look out for the Indians.

HEAD COACH: Steve Bowling (17-48).
LAST SEASON: 5-16 overall, 1-9 BBC.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Braylyn Wyrick, sr., C, 14 ppg., 11 rpg., 2 apg.; Shaylee Oyer, sr., G, 11 ppg., 4 rpg., 4 apg.; Tiana Wheeler, sr., 4 ppg.; Abbey Litzenberg, jr., G, 1 ppg.; Hannah Siekemeyer, jr., F, 1 ppg.; Sabrina Pickford, soph., F, 3 ppg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Julia Rhinehard, soph., C; Rachel Oxender, soph., G.
NOTABLES: With the return of seniors Bralyn Wyrick and Shaylee Oyer expect North Central to improve on its win mark from last season.

HEAD COACH: Kelly Thiel (6th year, 55-55).
LAST SEASON: 15-7 overall, 6-1 GMC.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Hannah Griffin, sr., F, 8.7 ppg., 5.8 rpg.; Devin Stark, jr., G, 8.6 ppg., 59 assists; Jaime Newman, jr., G, 5.9 ppg., 46 steals; Kennedy Flower, sr., F, 3.9 ppg.; Mallorea Landel, sr., F, 3.7 rpg.; Laurel Schroeder, sr., G; Shelby Herman, sr., G; Lindsey Wheeler, sr., G.
TOP PROSPECTS: Hannah Walker, jr., F; Brenna LaLonde, soph., G.
NOTABLES: With an experienced roster returning, Edgerton expects to have another solid year if the Bulldogs can improve their shooting and game-by-game approach.

HEAD COACH: Tim Nottke (9-12).
LAST SEASON: 9-12 overall, 5-9 NLL
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Lexi Lopez, sr., G, 19 ppg., 8 rpg., 4 apg.; Bailey Hejl, sr., G, 6.5 ppg.; Morgan Ersig, sr., G, 4 ppg.; Maria Puppas, soph., G, 3 ppg.; Lauren Huntsman, jr., G; Natalie Harlan, sr., P; Jess Horwitz, jr., G; Sarah Klepzig, jr., P, 6 ppg., 4 rpg.; Madi Thomas, sr.
NOTABLES: Sylvania Southview will be without its top scorer from last season as Lexi Lopez is recovering from an ACL injury. Still Nottke likes his team’s chances and hopes newcomver Tarin Stanley can emerge as a scorer.

HEAD COACH: Jeremy Terwilliger (2nd year, 13-9).
LAST SEASON: 13-9 overall, 8-6 Northern Lakes League.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Lauren Cardinal, sr., G, 2 ppg.; Alex Venglarcik, sr., F, 2 ppg.; Megan Bedard, jr., G/F, 5 ppg., 2 rpg., 3 apg.; Jasmine Benivel, jr., G, 7 ppg., 4 rpg., 3 apg.; Raechel McKay, jr., G, 4 ppg., 2 rpg.; Sara Zankel, jr., F, 4 ppg., 3 rpg.; Abby Allen, soph., G, 2 ppg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Lindsey Hood, jr., F; McKenzie Krieg, jr., G/F; Leah Mitchell, jr., G.
NOTABLES: The Anthony Wayne girls basketball team seems to be poised to have a strong season with seven returning letterwinners. Expect a lot of offensive balance from the Generals.

HEAD COACH: Ted Patton (6th year, 109-103).
LAST SEASON: 10-10 overall, 5-1 NWCC.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kaylee Patton, sr., PG, 24.1 ppg., 8.5 rpg., 5.5 apg.; Kindsey Salyer-Watts, sr., C, 5 ppg., 6.9 rpg.; Lidia Turner, jr., G, 5.9 ppg., 1.8 rpg.; Rebecca Stevens, jr., F/C, 5.4 ppg., 5.4 rpg.; Abbie VanHorn, soph., G, 3.6 ppg.; Sydney Buffengarger, soph., G, 4.4 ppg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Kiersten Wilcox, fr., F; ElvaAnne Shepherd, soph., G/F.
NOTABLES: Expect a strong season from Waynesfield-Goshen with the return over six letterwinners including Northwest Central Conference Player of the Year Kaylee Patton.

HEAD COACH: Dan Williamson (4th year, 13-30).
LAST SEASON: 6-15 overall, 2-7 NWC.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Kaitlyn Brant sr., Katie Dye, sr., Claire Dye, sr., Kaylee Thatcher, sr., Christine Stemen; Julia Thatcher, soph.
TOP PROSPECTS: Hannah McCleery
NOTABLES: With four senior starters that have been playing since they have been freshmen, it is time for Lincolnview to make a move up in the Northwest Conference. Williamson hopes his quick, athletic lineup can excel at putting pressure on opponents.

HEAD COACH: Greg Rickard (23rd year, 343-147).
LAST SEASON:12-9 overall, 6-3 NWC.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Mariah Henry, sr., G/F, 2.9 ppg.; Kirstin Hicks, jr., F/C, 8.1 ppg., 4.4 rpg; Kennis Mercer, soph., G, 1.4 ppg.; Lindsey Motycka, soph., G/F, 8.0 ppg.; Mackenzie Riggenbach, soph., G, 7.8 ppg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Terra Crowle, soph., G/F; Emily Bauer, fr., C/F.
NOTABLES: Convoy Crestview returns three players who scored at least seven points per game last year. Expect the Knights strengths to be rebounding and defense.

HEAD COACH: Brenda Friend (10th year, 168-57).
LAST SEASON: 21-3 overall, 14-0 Firelands Conference.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Lauren Traina, sr., G, 2.9 ppg.; Megan Canfield, sr., F, 1.5 ppg.; Theresa Jackson, sr., G, 11.6 ppg., 4 rpg.; Bridget Czompoly, sr., G, 4.4 ppg.; Natalie Robson, sr., G, 11.4 ppg., 9.1 rpg.; Carli Patrick, sr., G, 10 ppg., 6 rpg.; Kasey Clouse, sr., G, 8.5 ppg., 5.5 rpg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Kelsey Winebrenner, jr., G; Morgan Barker, jr., G;  Mia Ward, jr., F.
NOTABLES: Western Reserve returns seven players from a team that went 21-3 and 14-0 in the Firelands Conference. Theresa Jackson, the Firelands Conference Player of the Year, is back after averaging 11.6 points per game last season.

HEAD COACH: Ryan Ripke (3rd year, 27-17).
LAST SEASON: 17-6 overall, 6-2 NWOAL
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Mary Kina, sr., F, 1.2 ppg., Bri Raab, jr., G, 5.0 ppg., 1.5 rpg.; Abbie Harris, jr., G, 7.3 ppg., 2.2 rpg.; Brigan Wymer, soph., G, 13.0 ppg., 5.0 rpg.; Victoria Burdo, soph., G, 9.4 ppg., 1.7 rpg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Allison Kelsey, sr., F; Alexa Lauch, soph., G; Brailee Green, soph., G; Morgan Mattimore, fr., G.
NOTABLES: Expect Delta to put together another solid season as the Panthers return three all-conference selections this season. Brigan Wymer averaged 13 points and five rebounds per game during her freshman season.

HEAD COACH: Brad Myers (24th year, 352-150).
LAST SEASON: 13-8 overall, 4-4 NWOAL
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Alyssa Reed, sr., W, 6.6 ppg., 6 rpg.; Annette Stidham, sr., P, 2.7 ppg., 4.2 rpg.; Quincy Brock, sr., W; Sydney Chamberlain, sr., W; Jessi Myers, sr., W; Haley Archibeque, soph., PG.
TOP PROSPECTS: Hannah Blaylock, jr., P; Lexie Lane, jr., W; Natalie Koenig, soph., PG/W; Maddie Richer, soph., W; Sariah Yackee, soph., W.
NOTABLES: Wauseon’s junior varsity team was undefeated last season, which should give the Indians an extremely deep team.

HEAD COACH: Jeff Merklin (2nd year, 5-16).
LAST SEASON: 5-16 overall, 2-5 NWCC.
RETURNING LETTERWINNERS: Whitney Arseneau, sr., G, 12.1 ppg., 1.8 rpg.; Chelsea Zachman, sr., G, 5.1 ppg., 4.4 rpg.; Bailey Wagner, jr., P, 1.2 ppg.; Shelby Chrstian, soph., P; 0.3 ppg.
TOP PROSPECTS: Aislinn McCullough, fr., W/P.
NOTABLES: Whitney Arseneau is back after averaging 12.1 points per game. The Golden Gophers might get a boost from incoming freshman Aislinn McCullough.